Congratulations, you’ve got engaged and this means that the planning begins! We’ve all heard about that feeling of finding the right wedding dress, but with us all chasing this magical moment and so much meaning in choosing a gown for your big day, the prospect of visiting a wedding dress shop can seem daunting.  

Our team at Jacqueline Louise Bridal explain some of the things that we would recommend considering prior to going wedding gown shopping.  

Find what you like  

It can be very handy to initially look online for some wedding dress inspiration and collate screenshots or mood boards that demonstrate various gown styles that you like the look of. A wedding dress shop consultant is likely going to ask if you have any preferences to try on first, so if you are able to present some ideas that suit your preferences, the professionals can find them on the rails for you.  

Be open-minded  

Sometimes, you may try on a wedding dress that you liked the look of online but unfortunately, it doesn’t give you the feeling that you were hoping for or doesn’t flatter your body type. Don’t be demoralised by this, come in to your wedding dress appointment with an open mind and let our team help you to try on various styles of wedding gowns, which will result in finding the right one. A narrow vision can naturally inflict frustration on yourself as you may find that a particular style or wedding dress designer that you didn’t initially consider could be the one!  

Each bride will have exclusive access to our wedding dress shop during their appointment, meaning that you can freely browse our rails with no pressure. Stocking traditional gowns to unique wedding dresses, we have something for everyone. You can find leading wedding dress designers on our hangers at the best prices.  

Set a budget  

Gain an insight into how much your ideal wedding dresses range between and devise a set budget that you can comfortably afford, without breaking the bank. This can help with narrowing down your options and feeling confident in what you are able to spend, without being influenced by higher price tags. Explain your budget to our wedding dress consultants and we will present the incredible gowns that fit within this and aligns with your preferences.  

If you are looking for a gown on a lower budget, we have an excellent wedding dress sale or off-the-peg wedding dresses that suit your character and budget.  

Factor in alterations  

Along with the cost of your wedding gown, you should factor in additional costs for bridal accessories and alterations that complete the perfect dress tailored to each bride.  

Allow enough time

You may not find your dream wedding dress in the first place that you look or you may want to explore a few other options before saying yes to the dress! Every bridal journey is unique but our wedding dress shop highly recommends leaving sufficient time to discover the special gown and allow for any alterations. Giving yourself a year for wedding dress shopping provides a calmer process that doesn’t cause a bride to feel rushed and make hasty decisions, everyone deserves to feel amazing in what they wear for the big day.

Book a wedding dress consultation

If you are looking for a friendly wedding dress shop near me, Jacqueline Louise Bridal is the best place to visit in the West Midlands. We hold welcoming bridal appointments where our professionals truly listen to each bride and take the time to find your dream dress. Accompanied by some light snacks and bubbles, you can feel at ease during a potentially daunting process, you’re in good hands. Book an appointment and receive exclusive access to our bridal shop, a truly bespoke experience with your closest people.  


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